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Pregnancy or Infant Loss & Complications

The resources below are dedicated to improving information on early pregnancy complications and bereavement care. These resources also seek to support families who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or the death of their baby/babies.

Bridget's Bunnies I Pregancy or infant loss and complications

Bridget's Bunnies

Provides comfort Kits provided to individuals and families in Canada who experience pregnancy or infant loss and are intended to provide gentle direction and lots of compassion.


SickKids' GriefWords Library

A series of articles and resources that provide guidance and direction for anyone touched by grief. Topics covered include: helping yourself with grief, helping others with grief, for and about grieving children and teens, funerals, memorials, cremation, etc., and more.

PAIL Network I Pregancy or infant loss and complications

Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Network

Provides free group and individual peer-support services to families across Ontario who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. Support programs are led by trained volunteers who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss first-hand.

PregnancyED: First Trimester Complications

PregnancyED: First Trimester Complications

This website was created by emergency department doctors, nurses, obstetricians, gynaecologists, family physicians, and patients who have experienced pregnancy loss to help answer questions about first trimester pregnancy loss.


The Milk Bank

The Milk Bank welcomes donors who have suffered an infant loss (early pregnancy of 18 wks or later, stillborn, post-delivery). Many bereaved donors have shared that helping other infants with the gift of donor milk helps in their grieving process. If you feel that this might be right for you, visit the link for more info.

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