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Resources in French

The resources below are dedicated to providing information and support for individuals who self-identify as Francophone and/or speak French.

Active Offer I Resource in French

Active Offer: Why it Matters & How to Put it into Practice

Adding French to your day is easy! With Active Offer, you can leave the guess work and assumptions out, as you become comfortable and aware of who speaks French and what language they prefer to have service in. Receive a certificate after completion of the online Active Offer Training online.

Life coaching


Provides counselling, support, transitional and housing support, and family court support to Francophone women (16 years and up) who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence and/or sexual assault in Simcoe County.

Phone Call


A provincial telephone helpline for Francophone women dealing with violence. Callers to the helpline can expect that Fem’aide workers will listen, provide support and help you create a safety plan.

French Language System Navigator I Resources in French

French Language System Navigator

The Chigamik French Language System (FLS) Navigator can help you access the services of French-speaking health and community professionals offered in North Simcoe Muskoka, for example health, food, financial, housing, education, employment, mental health, and more.

French Language Training: Courses & Reimbursement Information

French Language Training: Courses & Reimbursement Information

Are you looking for a new challenge or hobby?  Or looking to expand your professional development? Why not acquire a new language or dust off your French language skills! Information on courses and reimbursement opportunities.

Girl with Acrylic Paints

La Clé

La Clé is a non-profit organization offering multiple services to Francophones and Francophiles in Simcoe County. They provide childcare services, support services to children and youth, summer camps, bilingual employment services, cultural programming and more!

Official Language Newsletter I Resources in French

Official Language Newsletter

This newsletter provides a lot of interesting and entertaining information, while building general knowledge on Canada's official languages!

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