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Workshops, Webinars & Conferences

Below is a compilation of various workshops, webinars and conferences that are available individuals and/or healthcare providers throughout Simcoe County, Muskoka, Parry Sound and adjoining communities.

Sinai Perinatal Mental Health Conference & Strategy Day

Stakeholders in our region are coming together to plan steps forward to enhance perinatal mental healthcare for our community. Key objectives will center on examining the evidence, gathering valuable perspectives, and formulating strategies to improve healthcare accessibility. This day will encompass personal narratives from individuals with firsthand experiences and perspectives from mental health experts. The afternoon will be dedicated to small table discussions to brainstorm the path forward for our region. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to system change.

When: May 29, 2024

Time: 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Location: Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Sinai Health 21st Annual Pregnancy & Birth Conference

This conference offers informed, relevant, and engaging topics to help clinicians provide quality healthcare to patients during pregnancy and postpartum.

Presented over live Zoom Webcast, speakers will:

• Provide an evidence-based update on common issues and concerns seen in pregnancy and postpartum.

• Provide a forum for interactive dialogue pertaining to managing health care issues during pregnancy and birth.

Webcast will be recorded and available to registrants to view for 30 days after live event occurs.

When: May 31, 2024

Time: 8:30AM - 1:30PM

Location: Online

Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference 2024

The SOGC is looking forward to welcoming you to an in-person program (with a virtual option) for the 2024 Annual and Clinical Scientific Conference in vibrant Edmonton, Alberta! Some of the sessions include:

  • Cervical cancer screening in Canada: A transforming landscape

  • Avoiding legal pitfalls in fetal health surveillance

  • Forceps delivery - Revive it or time to archive it?

  • Caring for the gender diverse patient: What is the role of the gynecology surgeon?

  • Congenital syphilis: What’s old is new

  • Virtual abortion care

When: June 11 - 14, 2024

Location: In-person in Edmonton Alberta or online

Trans Health Mentorship Call (Rainbow Health Ontario)

The RHO’s Trans Health Mentorship call is a teleconference every other week for Ontario clinicians to connect with peers who have experience caring for trans and non-binary service users. The call is open to any professional (physician, nurse, social worker, mental health worker, etc.) who is or will be working with trans and non-binary service users. Providers are invited to build knowledge, ask questions and share experiences. The topics discussed range from specific case-based questions to more general social or ethical issues. Providers who join can contribute to a community of practice and establish valuable professional networks. 

When: The 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month  


Membership for the Call is managed through 2SLGBTQ Health Connect, RHO’s online learning platform. To join the Call, sign up for an account on 2SLGBTQ Health Connect and select “Trans Health Mentorship Call” in the course selection from the main menu.

Rainbow Health Ontario Online Learning Courses

Rainbow Health Ontario provides several online courses specific to providing inclusive support to 2SLGBTQ people. Currently the courses they offer include:

  • 2SLGBTQ Foundations Course (Eng/Fr)

  • 2SLGBTQ Older Adults and Inclusive Care

  • 2SLGBTQ Emotional and Mental Health

  • 2SLGBTQ Trauma Informed Care

  • Autism and Gender Identity

  • Masculinizing Surgeries

  • Puberty Suppression for Trans Youth in Primary Health Care

  • Removing the Barriers: Making your Organization 2SLGBTQ Friendly

  • Trans 101: Adults and Older Adults (19+)

  • Trans 101: Children and Adolescents (up to 18 years old)

  • Trans 101: Transitioning

  • Transition-Related Hormone Therapy in Primary Health Care

  • Transition-Related Surgeries Planning, Referral, and Care

  • Vaginoplasty: Post-Operative Complications in Primary Health Care

  • Trans Health Mentorship Call

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