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Medication & Surgical Abortion Patient Pathway

With an aim to address healthcare service gaps, the Women and Children’s Health Network sent out a healthcare provider survey across the region specific to abortion care services and referral patterns. Survey outcomes demonstrated that there are numerous primary healthcare providers across the region whom support medication abortion care. However, the gap is the lack of awareness of where these services could be accessed. This resulted in either clients being sent out of the Muskoka region for abortion services or to specialists.

Presently, specialist obstetrician gynaecologists have extensive patient waitlists of up to 2 years wait and are often receiving referrals for a service that is already being offered in the community within primary care. Reducing the number of time-sensitive appointments to specialists will lead to an overall reduction in lengthy waitlists. As a result, this new pathway was developed to support service access in Muskoka and, most importantly, to offer care close to home for those seeking a medication or surgical abortion. This new pathway seeks to provide an easy-to-follow resource, supporting individuals in finding options that may be right for them.

To download the pathway, click HERE.


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