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The Network Sponsors PregnancyED French Resources

PregnanyED provides resources for people experiencing first trimester complications. The website was created by emergency department doctors and nurses, obstetricians and gynaecologists, family physicians, and patients who have experienced pregnancy loss. Their aim is to help answer questions about first trimester pregnancy loss. Information from PregnancyED is now available in most regional Emergency departments.

To support in raising awareness of PregnancyED, the Women & Children’s Health Network has sponsored four PregnancyED information handouts translated in French for the community.

To learn more about PregnancyED, click here. Please note, the information on the PregnancyED website should not replace the advice of your healthcare provider.

Network-sponsored PregnancyED French resources:

Early Pregnancy Loss
Download PDF • 403KB

Bleeding During Early Pregnancy
Download • 422KB

Pregnancy of Unknown Location
Download • 297KB

Ectopic Pregnancy
Download • 323KB


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