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Our Strategic Plan is Born!

The launch of the Women & Children's Health Network's strategic plan is an exciting moment for us! It signals a commitment to growth, improvement, and excellence in the key service priorities for our region. To view our strategic plan, click here.

Since 2011, our region has engaged in collaborative efforts to enhance birthing and children's healthcare. In 2015, our focus expanded to include women's healthcare as a priority population. Recently, the Ministry of Health provided operational funding to our network in 2021 to bolster further development and growth.

We work in tandem with various partners, including acute care hospitals, healthcare providers, community agencies, and patient and family advisors. Additionally, we foster collaborative partnerships with other regional networks throughout Ontario, the Provincial Council for Maternal Child Health, BORN Ontario, Ontario Health - Central Region, and the Ministry of Health. Our primary objective is to ensure that every member of the region has access to equitable and integrated healthcare services. To learn more about our Network click here.

Below outlines the Network's entire process from brand identity formation to the completed strategic plan.

Community engagement is essential to our Network. Our strategic plan recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with community partners, government institutions and community members. We are so thankful to everyone who contributed to the development of our Strategic Plan. We would like to thank community and Network members who participated in our strategic planning engagement sessions. Their valuable input and insights helped to identify and prioritize key areas of focus for our Network. We look forward to working together to implement our Strategic Plan and achieve our Network's goals.


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